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Katharine Sprecher

Dr. Katharine Sprecher earned her Ph.D. in Education, with an emphasis in Cultural Studies, and a California Teaching Credential specializing in cultural and linguistic diversity. Dr. Sprecher has spent most of her professional career as a university instructor for teachers and school administrators, a teacher and tutor in K-12+ classrooms, and an educational researcher and published academic author. Her greatest loves are inspiring and mentoring students of all ages and writing in a variety of genres; her latest works-in-progress include poetry, performance text, and a children's book.

Lynn Wang

Lynn is the founder and director of GA Education Center. She would like to see students Get Ahead and Go Beyond to reach their great dreams. Lynn holds double Master degrees in Physics and Computer Science. After 16 years work for Intel, she decided to dedicate her time in Education. She helps students categorize contents, analyze their mistakes, and discover their weakness. She has ways to help them not only mastering the knowledge of contents, but also improving their logical thinking ability and problem solving skills

Sarah Bobson

Sarah Bobson holds an M.A. degree in Psycholinguistics from Columbia University. She has been teaching various English language and writing classes at Oregon Episcopal School in Beaverton. She has taught creative writing workshops through the department of homeschooling for the Palo Alto School District as well as the continuing education departments at colleges in California, Oregon, and Washington State. Ms. Bobson has also worked as a journalist, and has written more than 200 newspaper articles. In addition, she has published monographs through the U.S. Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

Tyler Dille

Mr. Dille graduated with Suma Cum Laude award on Mathematics major and Physics minor from University of Arizona. He has worked as a Research Assistant in Univeristy of Arizona Physics Department, designed and built a Titanium Sapphire laser amplifier to be used for monolayer materials research. He has been a Math and Physics tutor for local colleges and high school students for the past 5 years. 

Kenneth Xu

Kenneth graduated from Westview High School and Northwestern University with bachelor of Science degree. He is an experienced tutor who has tutored from Middle school Math, SAT/ACT, to college-level chemistry and helped his students achieve 99th percentile scores on SAT and ACT standardized tests.

William Kincl

William graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelors of Arts in History, and later completed a Master of Arts in Teaching. Holding teaching licenses for California, Washington, and now Oregon, he has four years experience as a classroom teacher both in San Francisco and Seattle, working with middle school students in language arts and social studies. Prior to becoming a teacher, he reviewed admissions materials for a graduate school program. He also has tutored students preparing for the ACT and foundational collegiate study skills. In his spare time, William loves spending time with his family, going on hikes, and playing basketball. 

Daniel Yu

Daniel Yu has a Master Degree in Financial Economics. He has over ten years experience working with students from high school to college level. Daniel serves as a lecturer in Harbin Engineering University, presenting lectures for Calculus and College English Writing. During his appointment in college, he also worked in New Oriental School, assisting students with multiple subjects in SAT, ACT, as well as AP Calculus and Economics.

Vilhelm (Will) Nesterovich

Mr. Nesterovich have recently earned his Bachelors of Science in Biological Life Sciences with a concentration in pharmacology and chemistry from Oregon State University, where he also committed time to tutor peers in small focus groups for exam prep, and served as a TA in Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology. Passionate about education and the process of learning, He is currently collecting clinical hours with the American Red Cross, where he work with high school students setting up blood drives. He is applying for the Physician Assistant program at Oregon Health & Science University.

David Hugel

David was a Presidential Scholarship recipient in 2015 for his outstanding performance in high school. He graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from University of Oregon in 2019. During his college years, he served as a research assistant working on microbial evolution and ecology. He was an editor, actor, and producer for Duck TV between 2016-2018, and was an assistant news director for KWVA Eugene Radio. He is an experienced tutor. Last year he taught various subjects to high school students in Japan and facilitated a 400-level college Journalism course. The most amazing part, he is fluent in conversational Mandarin Chinese!

Jennifer Rose

Jennifer is a professional writer with more than 20 years' experience in education. Her publishing credits include language arts, social studies, and science elementary textbooks, and she has expert knowledge of the standards by which students are tested. She has classroom experience teaching creative writing, college preparatory writing, and ELL. She received her Master of Arts in Creative Writing from New York University.

Colleen Xu

Colleen holds double majors in Chemistry and Biology from Northwestern University. She is currently a graduate student in OHSU studying Bioinformatics.  She has been tutoring various subjects incluse SAT Reading/Writing, SAT Math, Science Reading, AP/SAT Chemistry, AP/SAT Biology for the past 3 years. 

Li Xu

Ms. Xu obtained Master of Art degree in Chinese Language and Philology from Sichuan University. Before came to U.S she worked as an editor for modern Chinese dictionary, Chinese idiom dictionary, dictionary of literal knowledge( for junior school students), pocket dictionary of oral Chinese, etc. 

She graduated from George Fox University with a Master of Art degree in Teaching in 2019. She has teaching licenses in Oregon and Utah states for K-8 grades English, Math, Science subjects.   She is an experienced enthusiastic teacher who loves teaching and believes all children can be successful learners.

Jing Liu

Jing holds a dual Masters degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University . She has been teaching Electronics and programming classes at Clark College for six years.  Jing has also worked as an engineer with Intel for seven years before her teaching career.

Susan Bernhardt

Susan has always been active in language-learning from her native English to foreign languages. She opted for Latin in middle school and continued with Latin through twelfth grade in high school. With regional Latin competitions, Susan found her affinity for Greek and Latin word origins, teaching herself all the Greek roots as there were no classes offered in Greek roots at the school. She won first place on the Greek Derivatives test at regional Latin forum-competition in ninth grade, having learned most of the Greek material only the night before. Throughout high school, she continued to enroll in Latin through level 5AP, continued winning on the Greek Derivatives test at Latin forum, and knew she would continue to study word origins and languages in college. She attended University of Georgia, majoring in linguistics, but also enrolling in language courses such as Italian and Japanese to which she brought her sense of etymology (study of word origins). She graduated in 2011 with bachelor’s of arts in linguistics. She moved to Oregon from Florida in 2017, and now she studies computer science at the post-baccalaureate university level.

Oliver Petraitis

Mr. Petraitis, a linguist and teacher from Anchorage, Alaska. He studied applied foreign languages in undergrad, then went to Germany for four years on a teaching stipend through Fulbright, where he completed an MA in sociolinguistics. 

He has been teaching languages in some capacity for the past 7 years and has held teaching positions at five different schools and universities in the Portland metro area. 

Beyond that, he is a musician and mountain biker.

Bruce Truong

Marked as a TAG student and participating in Stanford math classes in middle school, Bruce has been spending his free time participating at local chess tournaments since his youth. He finished the Early College program and now is working on encouraging and promoting the game of chess to students across the state of Oregon. He shows students that the critical thinking skills can be learned, and those skills can improve decision making in everyday life.

Andrew Harwell

My name is Andrew and I've been tutoring math, biology, and chemistry for over five years. I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry from the University of North Texas and have had experience working in many different fields of biology. I am currently working as an ophthalmic technician at the Legacy Devers Eye Institute to get medical experience before applying to PA school. 

I am very much into the outdoors and like to get out to the ocean every chance I get to go freediving. The fact that life exists at all is pretty miraculous and I do my best to get that across while teaching.  I really enjoy helping students find their own curiosity about the sciences and I reference many real-life examples as I can to make things interesting.

Jessica Kim

Jessica H. Kim, B.A. in Neuroscience with honors and a minor in Asian American Studies, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Claremont McKenna College. She is currently taking a gap year and plans to start medical school at UC San Diego in the Fall of 2021. She is highly experienced in the fields of biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Jessica enjoys teaching and has tutored a diverse range of students from local elementary school students to high school students in Japan. She is able to make information accessible by patiently walking students through difficult concepts and modifying her strategy to effectively and enthusiastically motivate each student. 

Rachel Liu-May

Rachel graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and Magna Cum Laude award. She previously lived in Taiwan where she taught an after-school tutoring program that worked specifically with students attending international schools in Taipei. She led one-on-one and small group lessons to students ranging from grades 4-12 in a variety of subjects - including mathematics, general science, chemistry and English. When she's not tutoring, you can find Rachel either teaching group fitness classes or preparing for graduate school to pursue a master's degree in architecture. 

Liam Connerly

Liam Connerly has gained his proficiency in multiple disciplines overtime, where he started undergraduate school at University of Puget Sound and went on to finish at Utah State University with a BS in Biomechanics and Minor in Latin Language and Teaching. From there, he utilized those degrees to obtain a Latin teacher’s position at Fayette Street Academy for the academic year of 2019-2020, while also maintaining a position as a Rehabilitation Specialist for patients with injuries related to the spine. Because of his experience in both the medical sciences and classics alike, he feels as though he not only has a firm command and grasp of language and grammar (Due to Latin), but also medical terminology, anatomy, and etymology. He has a passion for providing clarity to anything complicated or problematic for a student. Liam just moved to PDX in August 2020 from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he had originally lived for most of his life. He is looking to establish himself in the Portland area as the widely respected tutor/teacher he was known to be back in New Mexico. In Liam’s free time, you can find him cycling, reading, working out, or working out his textbook, “Latin in Layman’s.”